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Since 2010, we have provided quality voiceovers for a fraction of the price of our competitors. Our versatile voice actors assure that you get the right voice for your project. Our professional voiceovers can turn your boring presentation into a multimedia powerhouse or make your tense breakup easier. Use our easy order form for a one minute voiceover for only $15. If your project is more detailed or longer than one minute, e-mail us for a quote and we will respond promptly. We can finish any project in 7 days.

Have the words but need the voice? I'll Say That is your first choice.

Use us for audiobooks, notes, personal greetings, presentations, commercials, and much more. If it can be recorded, I'll Say That!

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Use the Additional instructions field to give extra information about your project. This can include what style of voice or accent to use, or what type of background music you would like. If you have any files to attach, please note them and we will contact you shortly to receive them.

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